Joshua Kerrigan of Florida: The Entrepreneur and His Business

Joshua Kerrigan: Professional Life

The business world is full of stories about exceptional leaders who had innovative ideas, acted upon them and saw success as a result. These entrepreneurs take chances, do hard work and improve their lives as a result. Joshua Kerrigan of Florida is one such entrepreneur, and his story is quite inspirational.

When Joshua Kerrigan of Florida was 15 years old, he spent quite a bit of time on the water. Like most kids in Florida, Joshua Kerrigan spent time playing in the ocean and swimming in the warm waters. He also walked around the docks to gaze at the large yachts housed there. Joshua Kerrigan of Florida began to notice that many of these yachts were in need of repairs and cleaning. Some yachts just needed minor work, but others needed major overhauls. As he talked with yacht owners, Joshua Kerrigan discovered that many of them couldn’t find qualified help. Joshua Kerrigan of Florida seized this opportunity, and he opened his own business to assist.

Fast forward many years, and you’ll see why Joshua Kerrigan of Florida is considered a business success. His tiny business, started when he was just 15 years old, expanded and expanded until he was managing 300 yachts, providing delivery, storage and maintenance. The company started by Joshua Kerrigan of Florida, Yacht Management, Inc., had a staff of 18 and annual revenue over $1.5 million.

Joshua Kerrigan of Florida expanded his business in later years, and began to include marina management as part of his company’s offerings. He could provide rent collection, marine permitting, tax preparation, staffing and marketing to his clients, and he won rave reviews for his comprehensive approach to marina management.

Joshua Kerrigan of Florida is constantly looking for new and innovative ways to help yacht owners, water sports enthusiasts and marina users enjoy the water. He knows how to handle the logistics, allowing people to simply enjoy their time without hassling with the small details. He’s been in business since he was just a teenager, and he has a gut sense for the services people will use and pay for. It’s no wonder that Joshua Kerrigan has been such a business success, since he started so early and worked so hard. Joshua Kerrigan of Florida is an entrepreneur to watch.

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